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International independent certification of forestry is a worldwide system ensuring protection of forests and regeneration of healthy and integral ecosystems. By the order of the Director of the Directorate General of State Forests of 17 June 2002, No. 92, forests enterprises are obliged to follow certification principles and criteria of the international Forest Stewardship Council® – FSC® in state forests.  

 The activities of Anykščiai state forest enterprise have been certified since 2003.

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On 17 March 2014, the international FSC® Certificate SGS – FM/COC – 005967 granted to the State Institution Anykščiai Forest Enterprise expired. On the 20th -22nd of January, 2014 the activity of the Forest Enterprise was recertified. The audit was performed by Lithuanian company NEPCon, which is an authorized representative of the certification body Rainforest Alliance.

After the audit it was established that farming in the forests of Anykščiai Forest Enterprise is carried out under the principles of sustainable and balanced forestry.

Anykščiai Forest Enterprise was granted a new international FSC® Forest Management Certificate (RA – FM/COC – 000258) that will expire on 17 March 2019. When the Certificate expires, Anykščiai Forest Enterprise will be recertified again.












Anykščiai state forest enterprise

Vilniaus g. 101, LT-29142 Anykščiai.
Tel./fax (+370 381) 58 577, e-mail

Code of the Register of Legal Persons154117499, VAT No LT541174917
Acc No LT 154010043100080148, AB DNB bank

Working hours: I - IV 8.00 - 17.00; V 8.00 - 15.45, lunch break 12.00 - 12.45

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