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Danielynas („Fallow-deer land“). Anykščiai forest enterprise has its own enclosure for animals called „Danielynas“ („Fallow-deer land“). There live beautiful fallow-deer, moufflons, sika deer and a couple of wild boars. Next to the enclosure there is an observation tower for those willing to watch the animals. The enclosure is in Mikieriai forest district which can be found here...
Arboretum. In Troškūnai forest district there is an arboretum where you can find various ligneous plant species and forms. The arboretum will be useful for those willing to learn and those who are interested in local and introduced species of trees, shrubs and subshrubs from distant lands. In the arboretum you can enjoy works by Lithuanian wood sculptors. All sculptures are made from local oak from Troškūnai forest district. You will find the arboretum here...
Educational forest trail. In the forest of Troškūnai forest district there is an educational forest trail. Following the trail one will get familiar with local types of trees, will see what forest stands of different age look like. They will be able to embrace an old oak and gain strength, health and energy. You will find the trail here...
Campsites. By the rivers and lakes of the forest enterprise there are a dozen campsites fitted with sheds, outdoor furniture, fireplaces. You will find more detailed information about the campsites here...



Anykščiai state forest enterprise

Vilniaus g. 101, LT-29142 Anykščiai.
Tel./fax (+370 381) 58 577, e-mail

Code of the Register of Legal Persons154117499, VAT No LT541174917
Acc No LT 154010043100080148, AB DNB bank

Working hours: I - IV 8.00 - 17.00; V 8.00 - 15.45, lunch break 12.00 - 12.45

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