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About us


Anykščiai Forest Enterprise is a state enterprise that administers state forests as a trust and executes complex activities in them. Complex activities include forest restoration and afforestation, protection, care, rational use of timber resources, sale of round timber and other forest resources.  Moreover, the Forest Enterprise grows forest seedlings, executes recreational activities, organizes commercial hunting.


The territory administered by Anykščiai state forest enterprise is situated in the north-eastern part of the middle Lithuania. The forest enterprise borders with Kupiškis, Rokiškis, Utena, Ukmergė and Panevėžys forest enterprises. The forests of the enterprise are situated in Anykščiai district.


Characterization of forests

 The total area of Anykščiai forest enterprise – 174.7 thousands ha. Forests are distributed unevenly. The most wooded are the middle and western parts of the territory. The largest forest array is Šimoniai forest.

55897 ha of forests are inventoried in the activities territory of the forest enterprise: state forests – 17800 ha (32 per cent), private – 28666 ha (51 per cent), for restitution of property rights – 9201 ha (17 per cent). 


The forest coverage of the enterprise – 31.6 %.

The forests of Anykščiai forest enterprise fall into the category of productive-mixed forests of natural productivity forest region. Coniferous stands prevail in the district forests: pine stands – 25 per cent, spruce stands – 27 per cent. Birch stands occupy 29 per cent, black alder stands – 7 per cent, aspen stands – 6 per cent, grey alder stands – 3 per cent, oak forests – 2 per cent, ash stands – 3 per cent. In state forests the prevalence of the types of trees according to the area covered is distributed differently: 


Forests of Anykščiai forest enterprise are divided into 4 forest groups and sub-groups. Each forest group is assigned underlying forest functions and intensity of economic activities: I group – reserves forests, where economic activities of any kind are forbidden; II group – forests for protection of ecosystems and recreational forests; III group – protective forests, IV group – commercial forests, where economic activities are most intensive.


The total volume of forest stands – 3593.7 thousand m3 of wood. The average volume of (all) forest stands per 1 ha - 220 m3, mature - 277 m3, the current growing stock - 6.47 m3. The average stocking level of forest stands – 0.72, bonitet – 1.7, age - 57 years.


Administration of Forests

The territory of Anykščiai forest enterprise is divided into six forest districts: Troškūnai, Kavarskas, Pavariai, Mikieriai, Svėdasai and Troškūnai. The average size of a forest district – 9316 ha of forests or 2967 ha of forests of state importance. The forests in territories of forest districts are divided into forest quarters. The average size of a forest quarter – 42.9 ha. The average size of a taxable plot – 1.4 ha.


Felling and timber harvesting

By executing different kinds of felling the Forest Enterprise annually produces 67.5 thousand  m3  of timber of different ranges.  It fells 513 ha per year:  204 ha - main felling and 309 ha – intermediate felling. 

The produced timber is sold by auction to Lithuanian and foreign buyers. 


Forest restoration and afforestation

Within three years after felling of the forest stand, the felled areas are restored. The forest is restored by leaving target species of trees to regenerate naturally, by planting seedlings or by mixed method when natural regeneration and planting is applied in the same area.   

242.2 ha of forests are annually restored and afforested in the Forest Enterprise. 68% of them are restored and afforested by planting high-quality certified seedlings grown in the nursery.  Other part is left for natural regeneration but the measures to accelerate natural regeneration are applied, the species composition of regenerating trees is controlled.

Anykščiai Forest Enterprise annually afforests about 35 ha of new areas on the state lands that are not used for agriculture.



Since 1997 the forest enterprise has possessed Pavariai nursery, where certified (FSC) forest seedlings are grown for afforestation of own forests and artificial reforestation as well as for selling to owners of private forests and farmers. Part of forest seedlings is exported abroad.


Protected areas

In the territory of Anykščiai forest enterprise there are 6 state sanctuaries, one reserve, 16 regional park reserves, Šimoniai wood biosphere polygon, territories protected by European ecological network NATURA 2000.  Of its own will the forest enterprise committed not to carry out any economic activities in 5 per cent of forests of state importance.

The area of protected territories in state forests amounts to 46 %. The animals protected in the forests of the forest enterprise: lynx, white rabbit, lesser spotted eagle, black stork, roller, wood lark, black woodpecker, the large copper.  



Commercial hunting

We (Anykščiai forest enterprise) organize commercial hunting in the areas of professional hunting. Lithuanian and foreign hunters come for hunting there.



In the territory of its activities the forest enterprise has developed tourism infrastructure: by the rivers and lakes visitors will find campsites fitted with sheds, outdoor furniture, fireplaces.  In Mikieriai forest district there is an enclosure for wild animals, called „Danielynas“ („Fallow-deer land“), where not only fallow-deer, but also moufflons, sika deer and wild boars live. In Troškūnai forest district you will find a forest museum where you can learn about Lithuanian forestry traditions, and an arboretum founded in 2005.  There is also an educational forest trail which discloses forest secrets for attentive visitors. Guests who prefer water tourism will be able to enjoy picturesque banks of the river Šventoji travelling by canoe.   







Anykščiai state forest enterprise

Vilniaus g. 101, LT-29142 Anykščiai.
Tel./fax (+370 381) 58 577, e-mail

Code of the Register of Legal Persons154117499, VAT No LT541174917
Acc No LT 154010043100080148, AB DNB bank

Working hours: I - IV 8.00 - 17.00; V 8.00 - 15.45, lunch break 12.00 - 12.45

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